Return Man 5

Games seem to take a big  place in today’s youth life where they are made up of internet or any other equivalent technology. The expansion of gaming has led to the growth of internet from small scale to large where the games are played by means of external graphic card or in-built cards that comes with the system.

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The environments can be just text based or can even be complex graphics where multiple players are involved in playing. These games even have social communities where they are connected to other online users playing beyond single user games. Return Man 5 comes under the online gaming which is supported by espn where the ultimate goal is to protect the football from the attack of any other sources, without being caught and reach the goal.

The defenders come up near you to catch the ball but reaching the end point is the winning theme in this game. They are similar to American Football game where one player holds the ball and takes it to the end while the other team tries to attack them and retrieve the ball. This game is developed with the concept behind this.

Gaming Interface

The interface is very simple which can be handled by normal users where there is no complications. All the instructions are stated clearly and there is no need of any handy information to proceed with the game. The screen is very simple where you get control over the field easily because it gives you the wide angle for viewing and allows you to carry out the ball easily. It is the recent version from the series and the updation is well done with additional fields on the graphic interface and their usage.

score 8650

Whenever you complete any particular stage a pop up appears indicating how far you have gone, that is they state the number of yards you have covered in the field along with the points which will be listed clearly. There are different stages and each stage can be unlocked only when the particular stage is completed.  The remaining stages will be released as you complete each one pertaining to the way you precede with the game. This series is said to be toughest among the world of return man 5 where additional look ups like water smashing, snow fall are also added at certain stages.

How to play

Playing is very enjoyable because it requires only concentration and awareness while holding the ball without being caught from the attackers. Though you will be protected by your team members it is important that you must be cautious in holding the ball and make it reach to the dead end without difficulty. The directions to play will be told beforehand where the keys I J K L are used to move up, down, left and right. The directions should be kept in mind and it can be helpful when you proceed to play.


Space bar is used to continue and pressing the button M takes you to mute button. Timer is placed while you play where you can be alerted once you get the ball in hand. This game is intended mainly for single users where they enjoy the game and get themselves involved without getting deviated and is pure fun that gives awesome experience to the new players. After finishing this game, you can check out Return Man World for more football games.