Return Man Games

There are a huge number of online games which has come into existence keeping in pace the players throughout. The ESPN online games includes a collection of sports that are themed up with the games that are available online which are produced using flash 8 offering a feel of reality while playing. Extensive graphics and animation are used that features for photo and video content giving you the feel of virtual game controller.

The element in the game gets a feel of photo realistic where the scores can be shared with your friends and family via email. They developed the Return Man games where the plot is similar to American Football game where they must protect the ball from the hands of the defenders and reach to the goal port successfully. Every series was developed with the ultimate goal of winning the player’s hearts with improved graphics and awesome sound quality.

return man 5

Variation of each game

Return Man 1 was the initial series developed where you must defend yourself with the huge number of attackers. This is simple to play because they did not come up with much of graphics and power play methods. The version 2 was seemingly far better than the previous one where the modifications in the game are made with improved graphics. They included mud bowl and zombies as additional enhancements where the defenders are zombies.

The mud bowls are placed on the way while you move up to the field and the main thing is you must not fall upon them where you many lose your possession. You may get stuck up in the mud easily and therefore should be careful that you do not fall upon them. They say that version 2 is a modification of version 1 with advanced techniques to make the game more interesting.

The version 3 is the most popular one today because all the major updates are made with a lot of new interesting levels, with a huge number of special moves that makes your game more exciting to play. The next version of return man 4 came with advanced graphical design where the settings can even be changed based upon our convenience with a special help menu to resume the game. The final version was released very recently where the keys help you to protect from the defender and attack them easily. Since it is the latest one they are developed to support almost all of the flash players without getting into the hinge of trouble while playing the game.

return man

Ultimate goal

The main goal for any game is to reach the goal sport and it applies the same here where attack should be made on the human defenders and then make your reach. There is no hitting with any guns or other devices so it gives a pleasant feel to play the game because it only involves smashing. More of concentration and a love for the game of football can give you success in getting more scores.

You can share it with other players and send an invite to your friend to play the game together. Whenever you complete every level the bonus scores appears and based upon the scores, special moves get released which help you to complete the game easily. The games can be made appealing and interesting only when there is a good picture and clear sound quality. All these add upon to the return man series and make it an exciting one to play for all age groups.