Return Man 6

Return Man 6 AKA Return Man Wideout is a variant on the popular football series and another great game in ESPN’s line of sport games.  Return Man brings all of the fun and excitement of being a wide receiver in the NFL to your computer screen.  It is your goal to avoid defenders by weaving in and out of traffic, run the perfect route, and top it all off with a touchdown catch!

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Return Man Wideout is an easy-to-play and fun game.  Your primary goal is simple; catch touchdown passes.  When you first line up, you are given a route to run; these can be posts, hitches, drags, or fades.  Your job is to make your way to the yellow circle where the ball will be thrown.  This task is not an easy one, however.  You have defenders who you have to avoid and beat to the ball.  The best way to run the proper route is to follow the conveniently placed green dots that will show you exactly how you need to run the route.  Once you are to the proper location, be ready to catch the ball!  If you are unable to catch the pass, do not worry; you have five attempts per play through.

High Scores

While playing, you are given a score based on your performance.  Did you catch the pass?  How many of the green dots did you hit?  These are all factors considered in your final score.  After your game is over, you see your final score and have the option to upload it to ESPN’s high score list.  Even if you do not choose to upload your score, it will still be an awesome way to compare your performance to your friends and family’s and compete to be the best!

image 2


I: Run forward
J: Run left
K: Run back
L: Run Right
SPACE: Catch Pass

(More moves can be unlocked through clearing levels)

Tips and Tricks

While playing Return Man 6 – Return Man Wideout , I came across a number of strategies that could be useful tips for new players.  First, I cannot stress the importance of following the green dots while running routes enough.  Running proper routes allows you to be able to get to the throw location with perfect timing and gain a nice bonus in your score.  In addition, following the green routes tends to allow you to properly avoid defenders and find the hole in the defense, almost guaranteeing a perfect catch.  Also incredibly important is making sure that you press the catch button!  If you can press the button with proper timing, you are sure to catch it.

Return Man 6 level 2

Age Rating

Return Man 6 a game suitable for all ages.  It is a great option for parents or children who love football.  There is no violence or language associated with the game.  It is a great game to help children learn about football or just a fun afternoon activity.  We recommend that parents and children play the game together because it can serve as some family fun!