Return Man 1

As the World Wide Web and browsers got created online games started to take its own existence which has the scripting technologies used behind. More advanced games came up with several versions of software making use of flash and java games which became increasingly popular.


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Most of the games come today with a flash plugin on a webpage. The single player list that has scored higher points will be shared with other players in the list. There are even flash football games available online. One such is the Return Man 1 which is the initial version developed by espn based upon American Football gaming. Because of the excellent graphics and sound quality the game became very popular in a short period.

The main theme of the game is just to catch the ball and run for the dead end without passing them to other opponents. The main attack is from the defenders who may hit you and make your ball lose. Overcoming all the constraints and placing the ball at the deadline gives a success to the game.

Gaming modes

Since this was the first version of the return man series the game plot seems to be very simple and exciting to play. It was released long ago but still it is one of the favorite game for children and grownups. Whenever you want to spend time in playing football then you can opt for this game which gives an awesome experience. Huge collection of levels make the game to be very interesting and they can be achieved easily because of the pop ups that appear and make the game going. There will be many defenders who may try to smash you but going ahead of them and reaching the target is the ultimate goal of the game.

How to play

They make use of keys like I, J and L which are used to run forward, left and right. But unlike in other versions additional keys are not used. Special moves involve juke, hurdle and after burner. They do not display the stages and levels at the screen but it comes only with a score board. The help button is provided at the left corner where clicking on it allows you to resume the game and continue with the game as required.


Avoid the defenders in order to get a good kicker score and continue for different stages to unlock the special move. A small review about the game is shared by the members from different communities where you can get some knowledge and develop interest over the game before proceeding. Though there are different versions of game that are being developed the initial series seem to be more exciting because of the simple rules and easy to attack positions. Initially this game came up with lot of bugs and errors, but it became very popular and addictive for most of the players.

However this series did not dominate because of the introduction with other return man series. The special move gets unlocked based upon your score and then click for the button where you can attack the defender easily and get down the field soon. Every version comes up with improved performance and graphics quality where the players tend to enjoy the game always. Your scores can be compared with other players online where you get to know about the players and can even join together as a team for better kick offs.